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Your new site looks great. Congratulations!
Elly Barnette, Acton Institute

I appreciate you for the venture and service you are rendering to spread the Kingdom of God. Accept my congratulations.
Archbishop Joseph Powathil

Being one among the patrons of the Liberal Group-Kerala I am a part of this movement. Hence a salutation from my part is not needed. But liberalism is oxygen for development and progress, not to say about human values which only liberalsm can deliver. Different brands of leftism have landed our Kerala State in a pitiable condition. They are out to fight against the neo - liberalism in which all over the world people and countries find shelter. Even the Communuist China though not admitting in public have liberal approaches in all matters except in political scenario. Prof. Babu Joseph and the Liberal gruop have taken pains in the past to work as a torch bearer of liberalism as a thankless job. But now majority of people accept the relevance of liberalism, some in public and some in privte talk for their own reasons. The leaders and workers of democratic parties and intellectuals opposed to fascist and communist designs should come forward to defend the liberal policies and programmes. We have to educate the common people who have been swept away by the propaganda of clever and cunning leftist intellectuals and their henchmen. Let this site be a platform for the right thinking people for airing their views and concerns.
K.Sankaranarayana Pillai, Ex. Minister for Transport

Bridgett wagner, Heritage Foundation U S A

I will give all help for your new venture
George Mathew, Former GM, M R F Kottayam